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Regarding the Internet, which do you think is it's greatest service?

Connecting People to People
Connecting People to Information


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by owner & webmaster WizarDave


I look forward to
  • meeting some great people
  • sharing & learning some great information
This old school web site was simply created to fill some gaps that the Steemit universe currently has.
  • I saw there wasn't a really good way to:
    • Build a group of like minded people.
    • Collaborate on ideas.
  • Some day either Steemit proper or a support app/site that ties directly to the blockchain
    • will step up and fill this gap.
      • At that point, this site will no longer be necessary.
What is available at jabi4Steemit?
  • Blogs & News
    • Create a personal blog here.
      • Mirror your steemit blog, if you want…
    • Submit news articles about a variety of topics
  • Chat
    • Real time discussions
  • Downloads
    • pdfs, ebooks, etc.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • about jabi4Steemit
    • about Steemit
  • Forums
    • Discuss ideas
      • not necessarily in real time
  • Galleries
    • graphics, videos
  • Links
    • to pages about Steemit
    • to other Steemit support sites
    • to Steemit users
      • Link to your Steemit/@yourname page
    • Posts on Steemit
      • Categorized (Ex. Politics, cryptocurrency, …)
  • Wiki
    • A set of collaborated pages of information
jabi4Steemit goal: Provide a community for anyone wanting to take advantage of the Steemit opportunity

It was created on Feb 9, 2018. Basically just an empty framework.
  • You can help shape what it will become.
    • Jump in and share your ideas.
      • Jump in and share your common sense.
WizarDave, owner & webmaster of this site

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