jabis on using jabi4Steemit

Connect with people

Find like minded individuals.
  • As cool as Steemit is, there is a lot to life outside of Steemit.
  • Create and develop groups of people who share your interests.
    • Meet them in jabi4Steemit's:
    • Toss around jabis to be used on Steemit.
      • jabi = Just Another Bright Idea = pronounced jab eye
    • Develop a plan.
      • Implement the plan.
  • Once you become a member, start your personal Blog.
    • Yes, Steemit is a blog.
      • That is where you will post for profit.
    • Your blog on jabi4Steemit is where you can post to:
      • introduce and develop a jabi 
      • so when you make your post to Steemit, it will be as valuable as possible.

Connect with information

What are your interests? Politics, gardening, cryptocurrency, technology … ???
  • Share where you find this information?
  • Collaborate with others to create authoritarian pages of information.
    • Start a page or several pages on our Wiki
      • Aggregate a bit of knowledge from a lot of people and you create a defacto authority on nearly any subject.
    • Promote this information using Steemit.
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