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Looking to find some people or groups to follow?

We should start child pages for things like:
(Each could have several child pages of their own…)
  • Education Ex. Chemists
  • Hobbies Ex. Gardening
  • Technology Ex. Cryptocurrency

Here's a quick start.

Official Steemit

  • @steemitblog - Official Steemit Announcements
  • @ned - Ned Scott, CEO and Co-Founder of Steemit
  • Steemit Developers Blog
    • Be the first to know what's coming in the future
    • From their latest post. You can help beta test the new website…
      • We are finally ready to test AppBase on a large scale!

        If you’re just a regular user, you can help too. Head on over to and use the site like you normally would.

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