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Wiki+ page: David Hogg

This page discusses an anomaly of the Nikolas Cruz shooting at the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida which is in Broward County.

There has been a lot of talk that David Hogg:
  • Is from California
  • His dad is FBI
  • He has been hired by CNN
    • If you know of others, please edit this page and add them…

The "official" story

David Miles Hogg (born 2000/2001[1]) is an American student and survivor of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018, who later became a gun control advocate and an activist against gun violence in the United States.[2][3] After the massacre, Hogg co-founded Never Again MSD, a student-led gun control advocacy group.[4] He has been a target of several conspiracy theories and verbal attacks as a survivor of the massacre. This is almost comical.
  • Admitted CIA operative Anderson Cooper interviews the son of an admittied "ex"-FBI 
    • Can you say "Operation Mockingbird"?
  • As reported in the Tampa Bay Times 
    • with this headline and sub heading
    • Parkland survivor David Hogg on conspiracy theories: ‘It’s sad’
      "It's a testament to the state of America when people feel the need to call out the witness of a school shooting," Hogg said Tuesday evening. 
WizarDave posted this Anderson Cooper meme on
  • Hi, I'm Anderson Cooper
    I am a direct descendent and heir to the Vanderbilt's;
    the 2nd wealthiest family in American history.
    Before I became the face of CNN I was in a secret society at Yale University called the 'Manuscript Society.'
    While at Yale I worked for CIA
    and became a participant in 'Operation Mockingbird.'
    I know spread disinformation through the Mainstream Media
    to manipulate the thoughts and beliefs of the public
    to further the CIA's agenda.


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