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Wiki+ page: Wiki+ home

Welcome to the jabi4Steemit wiki

This site has just been created February 9, 2018.

jabi4Steemit goal

Provide a community for anyone wanting to take advantage of the Steemit opportunity

Stated another way…

Provide a virtual community.

vir·tu·al com·mu·ni·ty  (vûr′cho͞o-əl kə-myo͞o′nĭ-tē)
  • A virtual community is 
    • a social network of individuals 
    • who interact through specific social media, 
    • potentially crossing geographical and political boundaries 
      • in order to pursue mutual interests or goals. 
re: who interact through specific social media
that would be this web site and the web site…

What is available here?
  • Blogs & News
    • Create a personal blog here.
      • Mirror your steemit blog, if you want…
    • Submit news articles about a variety of topics
  • Chat
    • Real time discussions
  • Downloads
    • pdfs, ebooks, etc.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • about jabi4Steemit
    • about Steemit
  • Forums
    • Discuss ideas
      • not necessarily in real time
  • Galleries
    • graphics, videos
  • Links
    • to pages about Steemit
    • to other Steemit support sites
    • to Steemit users
      • Link to your Steemit/@yourname page
    • Posts on Steemit
      • Categorized (Ex. Politics, cryptocurrency, …)
  • wiki.htm" target="_blank">Wiki
    • A set of collaborated pages of information

for anyone

Anyone is welcome here.
However, we will not tolerate:
  • troublemakers
  • name callers
  • put down artists
    • we reserve to right to ban anyone from this site.

take advantage of the Steemit opportunity

We truly believe Steemit has created an opportunity.
  • Make money for posting quality self-created content
  • Make money for curating posts
    • That basically means upvoting and promoting quality content you like.

Note this fact of life…

  • Steemit reminds me of my network marketing days…
    • It sounds intriguing to a lot of people…
      • Who will waste a lot of time and effort for zero reward.
    • They will search for and read all kinds of 'this is how to succeed on steemit' articles.
      • but they don't have what it takes to succeed
    • That may sound harsh, but it shouldn't.
      • Those people can still "profit" from this platform
        as it grows and becomes the defacto social network.

This The Likelihood of MLM Success article states…

  • In the first year of operation, a minimum of 50% of representatives drop-out.
  • After five years of operation, a minimum of 90% of representatives have left the company.
  • By year 10, only those at or near the top have not dropped out – making it safe to say at least 95% of representatives have dropped out.

To become the defacto social media platform, steemit needs to

  • focus more on the 95% who will drop out when they realize they likely won't make a dime.
    • yet who will gladly be "customers" if offered the best of the best social networking platform.
  • Steemit reminds me of my network marketing days…
    • It sounds intriguing to a lot of people…
      • Who will waste a lot of time and effort for zero reward.
    • They will search for and read all kinds of 'this is how to succeed on steemit' articles.
      • but they don't have what it takes to succeed
    • That may sound harsh, but it shouldn't.
      • Those people can still "profit" from this platform
        as it grows and becomes the defacto social network.

Which group will you be in?

I'm going to cash in on the Steemit!!!

Great. Welcome and best of luck to you.
  • jabi4Steemit is here to help you create a community of people just like you!
    • toss ideas around in the forums or in the chat room
    • share links to posts and people you like
    • share pics and videos which can be used on Steemit
    • maybe create a team (graphic artists, writers, idea men, … ??? …)

I'm going to try to make some money, but…

That's OK, too!
  • jabi4Steemit is here to help you create a community of people just like you!
  • toss ideas around in the forums or in the chat room
    • the shakers and makers would appreciate your input
  • share links to posts and people you like
  • maybe become part of a team (are you a good proofreader? idea bouncer offer? … ???…)
And who knows. Something may click with you someday and you decide to join the group who makes money on Steemit!

I'm not really looking to make any money, but…

That's great, too!
  • Until such time as Steemit makes it easier to:
    • Connect people to people
      • and
    • Connect people to information
      • You can do that here.
      • That way your Steemit experience will be even better.

Welcome to jabi4Steemit

Enjoy your stay.
  • Click around the different areas
  • Invite your friends
    • Make new friends
  • Come back often


Wiki+ page: STAND

STAND.png ;


I propose that the Steemit community can help keep the facts straight.

I proudly wear the badge of "conspiracy theorist."

  • Where did that term come from?
    • The CIA invented it and promoted it with the MSM because not enough people were believing the "official" story about the JFK assassination. They instructed the MSM to use it as a derogatory term.
      • It didn't work. Most surveys say over 90% of the people do not believe the official survey to this day!
      • I don't believe the official story, do you?
    • But, unfortunately, it did stick as a derogatory term.
      • There is a conspiracy of misinformation, #FakeNews, …
    • To shed light on the conspiracy by looking at all available facts and then sharing your findings (tossing ideas around with others), is a noble hobby.
  • Isn't that what they used to call journalism?
    • MSM journalism is dead.

The problem ❗

Sometimes, there is a conspiracy to keep the truth from becoming mainstream.

It seems the "mainstream" News stories always change the narrative after big events.

  • The Las Vegas shooting
    • Many witnesses posted to social media there were multiple shooters.
      🚁 Maybe even a helicopter.
      • However, the "official" narrative is there was a lone shooter…
  • The OKC bombing
    • I personally saw live TV saying there were additional bombs in the building. That footage is still available on YouTube.
    • Seismic recorders prove there was more than one bomb blast.
      • However, the "official" narrative is the 🚛 Ryder truck explosion caused all that damage.
  • 911
    • Holy cow. That so many people believe the official narrative is proof that the MSM propaganda machine works!
    • BBC reported Building 7 collapsed an hour before it happened, with the building in full view right over the "reporter's" shoulder.
      That video is still available.
      NOTE No plane hit this building.
    • ✋ There are too many anomalies to this narrative
      for any open minded person who has done the least bit of research
      to believe the official story.
      • However, the "official" narrative is terrorists armed with box cutters hijacked a few planes and flew them into buildings.
  • And the list goes on
    • Sandy Hook, Aurora Colorado, …

Sometimes events are promoted
by the MSM
to misdirect interest away from
the really big story of the day.

  • Then-POTUS Clinton blew up an aspirin factory in Africa,
    • to deflect the news away from the breaking Monica Lewinsky story.
    • It worked for a bit, but the other story was too big to be ignored.

"They" are also experts at scrubbing the 'Net.

  • YouTubes disappear
  • Articles disappear
  • Social media posts disappear
    • Sometimes people trying to get the truth out disappear.
      • Suffering an unfortunate car wreck,
        or mugging,
        or committing suicide by shooting themselves in the back of their head twice

The solution ❓

Let's use Steemit as a paper trail of information as it comes out.

  • to point out anomalies in the "official" narrative as they appear. (and they always do…)

I'm just another newbie steemer, so I don't have all the answers

  • but I do have some ideas.
    • I'll plant these seeds in hopes someone who better understands the platform feed and water them.

Use of Tags

If we could all use a unique tag when writing about events

  • It would be easier to find additional info via search.
    • Example: #NikolasCruz is the most recent shooter.
      • Or maybe have the date and location
      • Or maybe … ??? …
    • I'm just planting a seed.
      • Looking for ideas from others to help us keep taking the next step.

Use of alternative Steemit sites and platforms.

👉 @Zappl is the Steemit Twitter

  • I've not had time to personally use the site, but it looks to be very useful in this experiment.

👉 @dtube is the Steemit YouTube

  • Perhaps "they" won't be able to scrub it as easy as YouTube.

👉 @dsound is the place for Steemit podcasters

  • Again, hopefully it would be harder to scrub

👉 #chainbb is a Steemit forum

  • good for discussing events…
    • I looked at starting a channel here for STAND (STeemit Alternative News Domain)
      • but I can't spare the 10 STEEM to get it started.

I'm a newbie to this platform, so please comment your ideas.
I'm sure there are more sites and apps that I don't know about…

👉 And of course steemit or any of the alternative frontends would be the place to put articles.

  • Posts could be made correlating information
    • from external articles
    • from posts using the above mentioned…

Anomalies could be pointed out and shared.

  • There always are some.

Theories could be explained.

  • and advanced by others
    • or alternative theories could be pursued
      • if the original theory doesn't prove to be very likely…

The next step ❓

Is there any interest in taking this to the next step?

What do you think is the next step?

I look forward to reading your ideas in the comments.

Original ideas

@firstjabi tossed out the original idea of using Steemit to keep track of events.

  • We discussed it in person.
    • It was his first idea after I showed him Steemit and explained a bit how it worked.
      • If this post makes any $, I will share with him.

I claim the original idea of STAND (STeemit Alternative News Domain) .

  • If you figure out a way to profit from this feel free to do so.
    • Please, don't forget to toss me a pittance for the idea!
      • Or ask us to become part of your team…
  • Logo created on

This page is a copy of my (WizarDave) original Steemit post


Wiki+ page: Latest News

Create a new page for each event.
  • Click the Edit Tree button below
If you know of a post about an event listed below...
  • Click the link below
  • Add a link and short description
  • Newest posts go to the top of page
    • If there are anamolies create a new page under the main event page.
    • Add a link and short description


Wiki+ page: Nikolas Cruz shooting

If you make a steemit post about this use the tag #NikolasCruz

Stoneman Douglas High School shooting

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stoneman Douglas High School shooting
Part of" title="School shootings in the United States">school shootings in the United States">MarjoryStonemanDouglasHS 22Jun2008 (cropped)" srcset="// 1.5x, // 2x" width="250" />
The Pine Island Road entrance to Stoneman Douglas High School in 2008" title="Parkland is located in Florida">Parkland is located in" srcset="// 1.5x, // 2x" width="250" />" srcset="// 1.5x, // 2x" title="Parkland" width="8" />
Parkland (Florida)
Location" title="Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School">Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
5901 Pine Island Road,_Florida" title="Parkland, Florida">Parkland, Florida, U.S." title="Geographic coordinate system">Coordinates" srcset="// 1x, // 2x" title="Show location on an interactive map" />26.3053°N 80.2683°" title="Geographic coordinate system">" srcset="// 1x, // 2x" title="Show location on an interactive map" />26.3053°N 80.2683°W(shooting)" srcset="// 1x, // 2x" title="Show location on an interactive map" />26.2897°N 80.2871°W (arrest)">[note 1]
Date February 14, 2018
2:21 p.m. – 2:27 p.m. (" title="Eastern Time Zone">EST, UTC−5)
Attack type" title="School shooting">School" title="Mass shooting">mass shooting
Weapons" title="AR-15 style rifle">AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle (" title="Smith & Wesson M&P15">Smith & Wesson M&P15)
Deaths 17
Non-fatal injuries 14
Suspected perpetrator Nikolas Jacob Cruz
Charges 17 counts of" title="Capital murder">capital murder

On the afternoon of February 14, 2018, a" title="Mass shootings in the United States">mass shooting occurred at" title="Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School">Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in,_Florida" title="Parkland, Florida">Parkland, Florida. Seventeen people were killed and fourteen more were taken to hospitals, making it one of the world's" title="List of school massacres by death toll">deadliest school">[2]">[3]The suspected perpetrator, 19-year-old Nikolas Jacob Cruz, was arrested shortly afterward and confessed, according to the" title="Broward County Sheriff's Office">Broward County Sheriff's">[4] He was charged with 17 counts of" title="Murder">premeditated murder.

In September 2017, the" title="Federal Bureau of Investigation">FBI learned that a "nikolas cruz" had posted a" title="YouTube">YouTube comment, "Im going to be a professional school shooter", but the agency could not identify the commenter. In January 2018, its hotline received another" title="Tip (law enforcement)">tip, which alleged that Cruz had made a death threat. Due to a failure to follow established FBI protocol, the Miami field office was not notified.

Police and prosecutors have not yet established a motive and are investigating "a pattern of disciplinary issues and unnerving behavior"">[5] Some of the students who survived the shooting became" title="Gun control">gun control activists and founded the advocacy group" title="Never Again MSD">Never Again MSD." target="_blank">Read complete article on Wikipedia

See also

Child pages due to anomalies  

Latest Steemit posts

Q anon discusses the Florida school shooting - Feb 23rd

by wakeupnd
  • Pic of Broward County Sherriff with Hillary
  • Was this shooting a distraction from the failed Russia investigation?
  • more…

'Full metal garb' - Teacher describes masked gunman at Florida school shooting

by  wakeupnd
  • 3 must see YouTubes!
  • police are caught on tape carrying a large bag to an unmarked police truck.
  • A student says he talked to Cruz as he was leaving the building as the gun fire was still happening and he didn't have a gun at the time.
> According to this teacher the shooter was dressed like the police with body armor, helm and face mask.
  • Teacher is Stacy Lippel

Florida Shooting Hoax: Jimmy Kimmel's Desperate Attempt to Slander Conspiracy Theorists!

by fakenewsreport
  • watch on tube
  • Added on Feb 24, 2018 
    Just your typical idiotic brainwashing… looking desperate Jimmy Shekels! I am the most censored channel in youtube history (with over 3000 videos terminated) 

Take a STAND against FakeNews

by wizardave
  • I propose that the Steemit community can help keep the facts straight.
  • Suggests using the tag  #NikolasCruz 

 Latest non-Steemit Links…



The Broward County School Board and District Superintendent entered into a political agreement with Broward County Law enforcement officials to stop arresting students for crimes.  5. The motive was simple. The school system administrators wanted to “improve their statistics” and gain state and federal grant money for improvements therein. said




Wiki+ page: David Hogg

This page discusses an anomaly of the wiki/stand/latest-news/nikolas-cruz-shooting.htm">Nikolas Cruz shooting at the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida which is in Broward County.

There has been a lot of talk that David Hogg:
  • Is from California
  • His dad is FBI
  • He has been hired by CNN
    • If you know of others, please edit this page and add them…

The "official" story

David Miles Hogg (born 2000/">[1]) is an American student and survivor of the" title="Stoneman Douglas High School shooting">massacre at" title="Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School">Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018, who later became a" title="Gun control in the United States">gun control advocate and an activist against" title="Gun violence in the United States">gun violence in the United">[2]">[3] After the massacre, Hogg co-founded" title="Never Again MSD">Never Again MSD, a student-led gun control advocacy">[4] He has been a target of several" title="Conspiracy theories">conspiracy theories and verbal attacks as a survivor of the massacre. This is almost comical.
  • Admitted CIA operative Anderson Cooper interviews the son of an admittied "ex"-FBI 
    • Can you say "Operation Mockingbird"?
  • As reported in the Tampa Bay Times 
    • with this headline and sub heading
    • Parkland survivor David Hogg on conspiracy theories: ‘It’s sad’
      "It's a testament to the state of America when people feel the need to call out the witness of a school shooting," Hogg said Tuesday evening. 
WizarDave posted this Anderson Cooper meme on
  • Hi, I'm Anderson Cooper
    I am a direct descendent and heir to the Vanderbilt's;
    the 2nd wealthiest family in American history.
    Before I became the face of CNN I was in a secret society at Yale University called the 'Manuscript Society.'
    While at Yale I worked for CIA
    and became a participant in 'Operation Mockingbird.'
    I know spread disinformation through the Mainstream Media
    to manipulate the thoughts and beliefs of the public
    to further the CIA's agenda.


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