Steem connected sites and apps


User interfaces for interacting with the Steem blockchain


How do you normally access the Steem blockchain?

Besides what's your favorite site?
Just a different way to see the Steem blockchain.
An experimental forum build on top of the Steem blockchain,
brought to you by jesta.
For posting, upvoting and commenting on memes.
Music and podcasts
YouTube replacement.
Blog, vote, share pictures and get paid
App for your Apple or Android smartphone.
  • Now you can purchase gift cards and egift cards using your
    • steem, steem dollars,
    • bitcoin, and
    • litecoin.
by @xtrodinarypilot 
  • Add @yourusername to see your info…
  • Shows in left column
    • Voting Weight
    • Voting Power
    • Bandwidth Remaining
    • Reputation
    • Age
    • ID
    • What apps and sites are connected to your account
      • (dtube, etc.)
  • Shows in right column
    • Your activity log, including things like:
      • following someone
        • when someone follows you
      • replying to a post
        • when someone replies to your post
      • if you update your account info
      • if you upvote someone
        • if you get upvoted
      • if you author a post
      • if you claim a reward
  • add @yourusername to the end of the url
  • Left column
    • 30 day account history chart showing posts, followers and vests
    • actual db (blockchain?) code for things involving your username
  • Right column
    •  A block with your info: name, reputation, icon, quote, web site, location, # of followers
    • A chart showing: vests (no clue what that is…), SP, STEEM, SBD
      • This is always up to date. Looking at it right now it says it updated 14 hours ago
  • Get points to upvote through their site.
  • is a new tool for the Steem blockchain created by Witness @ura-soul,
    • which looks at voting patterns and ranks users by their ability and willingness to upvote others users.
  • add your username on the left side
  • Tabs on the right side
    • Recent Activity
    • Posts
    • Comments
    • Incoming Votes
    • Replies
Not sure yet exactly what this site is for…
  • Ranking of who has the most money, thus power
  • This website tracks and collects information about the STEEM crypto-currency Network. Currently 239377 accounts are being monitored. We strive to provide useful data or features that are not available through a normal node connection.
  • The website was created by @heimindanger on 20th June 2016.
  • Add @yourusername to see your info…
  • Across the top
    • Voting power graph
    • Voting values
    • Rewards
  • Next block of info
    • left side has buttons
      • Stats
      • Balances
      • Account Details
      • Witness Details
      • Delegations In
      • Delegations Out
      • Followers
      • Steem Info
      • System Info
      • Settings
    • right side shows the info when you click a button
  • Next block of info
    • Account Operations
    • Buttons down the left with dates
    • your activities show up on the right
  • Next block of info
    • Recent Posts
  • Next block of info
    • Coming Author Rewards
  • Web interface
    • Looks to be mainly photos…
  • Android app
  • From their FAQ
    • Q: Who is Steepshot for?
      Steepshot is for everyone who wants to share pictures, bright and remarkable moments of life made by smartphone. You can use it to share cool pics & videos you've taken with your mobile phone, curate and comment photos your friends made.
      So Steepshot is for socially active people, travellers, photographers, photo/video bloggers, artists and other people that will find their inspiration.
    • Q: What is the target content of Steepshot?
      short videos
      stories / albums
Utopian uses the Steem blockchain to reward Open Source contributors.
Twitter like platform. Limited size of posts…

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